Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, As long as they have the card in their hand when checking in and the person checking in has reserved in his or her name. Hotels like to check ID’s and credit cards used to book.

You must call our office or use our lost card form.

Yes, we have discounts 365 days per year at hundreds and thousands of properties globally.

Yes, you can bring your family and enjoy the discounted hotel rates. If you want to enjoy your time with other families then we strongly encourage them to get their own membership card as you could be subject to full rack rates by the hotel.

Yes, You must have the membership card in possession at the time of check in. Hotels are required to view your membership card. Most companies will make a photo copy of your membership card when checking in. The hotel will inform you if they want to see your membership card at the time of check in.

Our system offers up to 70% off accommodations. The discount varies based on location, time of year, available inventory along with several other factors. You will receive a discount using our online booking engines and discount directory.

No, you will need to book directly with our contracted property or use our online booking engine.

You can book your hotel directly online with our online booking engine just like Expedia, or Travelocity. The only difference is we offer up to 80% off the public rates. If you are using our discount directory you may be required to contact that hotel direct to obtain discount.

One card is required per room. This means that you cannot book one room for you and one for your friend, the second person needs a card of his own. Seeing that it only takes 2 or 3 nights at a hotel to cover the cost of the membership card – it is really worth recommending Hotels Etc. to all your friend.

Hotels Etc. Annual membership is valid for 12 months from the date of registration at which point you will need to pay your renewal fee. Our lifetime gold card is valid for life with no renewal fees or annual dues.